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21 in 2021 for Alfie's Wish raises over £1000

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

In January Victoria Basley set up a Facebook community group called 21 in '21.

The idea was to raise money for Alfie's Wish whilst also trying to motivate people to exercise for 21 minutes a day during a global lockdown pandemic. You could include any physical activity - walking, running, cycling, workout, yoga etc OR 21 minutes of mental exercise such as meditation or mindfulness. If you missed a day then you simply double up the time the next day.

What initially started out to motivate a group of friends actually ended up being shared far and wide and by the of January there was over 108 people nationwide taking part, logging exercise & activities daily. Everyone said the group really helped them to feel empowered and motivated despite being the winter months and very unknown times during covid-19 lockdown 2.

By the end of January everyone felt sad was coming to an end as it was helping them not only physically but also mentally, so the group continued for several months after.

Victoria did an amazing job at motivating the community of 21 in '21, all whilst managing to raise £1,099 from donations from participants and their friends. Well done to everyone involved and thanks to drill Sargent Victoria for all your daily inspirational messages and for creating a positive community during a pandemic.


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