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Daisy and her family watch The Lion King in London

Cancer treatment is difficult for any family to go through, let alone when the treatment is miles away from home. Some children/teenagers have to spend weeks away from their loved ones during some of the toughest times.

To celebrate Daisy ending her treatment in London she decided she wanted to the see the Lion King. It was our absolute pleasure to arrange this and what better way to celebrate such an incredible milestone

Daisy’s mum sent us this message:

“We wanted to say a big thank you for Daisy’s treat. The Lion King was amazing, the seats were perfect and we had a lovely time together as a family. It was uplifting and emotional at the same time. It was especially nice as it closed the London’s adventure as this week Daisy’s intensive chemotherapy and radiotherapy also ended. “The circle of life”, “Hakuna Matata” … the vibes …have never been more meaningful…

Thank you so much”


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