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Reuben and family visit Port Lympne Reserve

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

Port Lympne Reserve, Lympne, Kent

"We'd like to say the hugest thank you to Alfie's Wish and their fundraisers for giving our son Reuben (and the whole family) the most amazing safari experience at Port Lympne (Kent). We had the best time in the most wondrous place seeing rare and majestic creatures. We had private safari experiences, viewing the animals up close via a land rover. We fed giraffes and rhinos, just us, the animals and the Ranger. It was out of this world. Everyone at the park was so kind, interesting and keen to make our time there special. We stayed overnight in one of the beautiful tree houses looking over the park. It was really luxurious and we felt so privileged. When we left the park we felt stronger and able to approach the next stage of treatment.

We've come home with renewed courage and strength to get through the next half of Reuben's treatment and words can't express the depth of our joy at the experience we have had.

It was really out of this world"


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