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The Witt family donate £3,000

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

Huge thank you to Trevor, Sandra and Steve Witt for their very generous donation to Alfie’s Wish.

Many years ago their family suffered the tragic loss of their Son & Brother from mental illness. Following this they decided they wanted to help others suffering and so after lots of fundraising they had the opportunity to open a room at a local doctors surgery called the ‘Michael Witt room’.

This room allowed people who were suffering with depression and other mental health issues to come and seek help. Whether they spoke to one of the volunteers or got information from the copious amounts of videos, DVD’s or books this room was invaluable, helping many people who found themselves in a dark and difficult place.

This year, following COVID there has been a lot more awareness & support around mental illness. Information about mental health is much more readily available to all age groups and therefore the family felt it was time for the room to be closed.

The Witt family decided to donate the remainder of their funds raised to some charities that are close to their hearts and we are thrilled to be one of them.

Thank you so much Trevor, Sandra and Steve (and in memory of Michael)


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