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Lily and family visit Lapland UK

Lapland UK, Windsor

“A huge thank you to Alfie’s Wish for arranging an amazing and magical family weekend for the five of us.

We went to LaplandUK and had a wonderful time. The whole experience felt so special. They all absolutely loved the gingerbread men and they each had their own decorating techniques. Lily got as much icing on as possible to make sure all the sweets would stick on and Jake ate his leftover ones.

The ice skating was a huge hit! None of them had been on the ice before (3 kids with less than 4 years between them made it pretty challenging when they were younger!) They all did so well, albeit with some penguin help! By the end they'd all got some speed up and if it wasn't for Lily currently being osteopenic I would have encouraged her to have a go without the penguin, but I thought it would be best to try and avoid any potential fractures! Jake won (he is competitive!) for the most number of times he fell over with 13! Aria took full advantage of having small enough feet for the double blades and was getting around the rink unaided by the time she came off the ice.

I cannot express how grateful we are to Alfie's Wish for supporting us and families like ours. Providing us with opportunities to make special memories together.”


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